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Admin Dashboard Template

Powerful and Versatile Tailwind and Vue 3 Admin Dashboard

Developer Friendly

Specially built for developers to give them freedom while coding.

Tailwind & Vue JS

A perfect combination for web applications & full-stack development.


Vite. js is a rapid development tool for modern web projects.


Pinia provides a simpler API with less ceremony, offers Composition-API-style APIs.

Clean Code

Less bulky and clean code with Tailwind and Vue industry standards.

Multiple Dashboard

Comes with multiple conceptual prebuilt admin dashboard demos.

Multiple Themes

Allows you to choose between light, dark, and semi-dark themes..

Multiple Layouts

Switch between layouts to experience a whole new look and feel.

Component & Pages

A limitless set of building components and pages with dark mode support.

Built-in Customizer

Customizer enables to change the look & feel based on their preferences.

Fully Responsive

Built with Tailwind, which ensures responsive interfaces for all devices.

Well Documented

Comes with nice documentation to help you get started fast.

Continuous Updates

Comes with continuous updates to keep you safe from exploitable holes

Active Support

Our support and developer team helps you solve any issues you have.

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